Aquatic Weed & Algae Control

Our mechanical aquatic weed and algae control services are designed to provide effective and environmentally responsible solutions for managing aquatic vegetation issues, enhancing recreational access, and improving the overall health of aquatic ecosystems.

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Mechanical Aquatic Vegetation Cutter or Harvester Services

  • Utilizing specialized equipment, we offer mechanical aquatic weed and algae control services.
  • Area-selective control of nuisance aquatic vegetation using mechanical harvesters.
  • Cutting channels through dense vegetation to enhance recreational access.

Species of Vegetation Targeted

  • Our services are effective for a wide range of aquatic plant species.
  • Particularly suited for plants forming a dense surface canopy like water chestnut or water hyacinth.
  • Specialized pondweed removal services available.

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Harvest Frequency

  • Typically, we recommend one to two harvests for season-long control of commonly targeted species.
  • Removing generations of seeds from the growing cycle.
  • Long-term nutrient reduction through the removal of plant biomass.

Environmental Benefits

  • Removal of plant biomass and nutrients from the waterbody.
  • Eco-friendly solution with no temporary water use restrictions during or after work.
  • Ideal alternative in situations where herbicides are not appropriate or desired.

Synergy with Other Strategies

  • Enhances the overall effectiveness of aquatic vegetation control.
  • Complements pondweed removal services and other control strategie

Long-term Control Solutions

  • Our lake weed removal services offer a sustainable, long-term solution for certain species.
  • Significantly reduces cover and density of annual plants over time