Invasive Species Control

Managing wildlife and invasive species in water bodies can present unique and complex challenges, particularly when dealing with nuisance species such as mosquitoes, gators, geese, and non-native invaders like armored catfish, apple snails, & zebra mussels.

These free-roaming animals and insects can disrupt aquatic ecosystems, cause structural damage, and impact recreational experiences. At Bluewave Water Works, we offer targeted solutions to safeguard your water body and its surrounding environment.

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Customized Control Strategies

Nuisance Species Management

  • Mosquito and Midge Control

    We employ advanced techniques to manage mosquito and midge populations, reducing their nuisance and potential health risks.

  • Geese Management

    Our humane methods for geese management help mitigate damage and maintain a harmonious coexistence with these waterfowl.

  • Gator Removal

    Humane removal of alligators and large reptiles posing threats to nearby pets, children, and habitants.

Non-Native Species Control

  • Armored Catfish Control

    We implement strategies to manage armored catfish populations and prevent ecological disruption.

  • Apple Snail Management

    Our solutions target apple snails to minimize their impact on aquatic ecosystems.

  • Zebra Mussel Control

    We offer effective control measures to combat the spread of mussels, safeguarding your water infrastructure.