Sediment & Muck Removal

At Bluewave Waterworks we specialize in comprehensive waterway sediment and muck removal services to revitalize and restore the environmental state of ponds, lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

Over time, organic matter, leaves, weeds, and algae accumulate on the bottom of water bodies, forming unsightly and environmentally harmful muck. We offer both mechanical and hydraulic dredging solutions to address these issues effectively.

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Mechanical Dredging Services

Excavation and Transfer

Our mechanical dredges utilize buckets to excavate sediment and muck, transferring them to barges or trucks for disposal or beneficial reuse.

Targeted Removal

We can deploy truck transportable mechanical dredges, such as weedoo boat, to specific areas for sediment removal or to clear rooted marginal plants like cattails from stormwater detention basins or flood control channels.

Cost-Effective Option

For most ponds, the most cost-effective approach is mechanical dredging with a floating excavator enabling direct sediment transfer to dump trucks.

Cattail Removal

Large-scale cattail removal is efficiently achieved using mechanical dredges, particularly weedoo boats.

Dry Dredging

In cases where the waterbody can be drained completely, we also offer dry dredging using conventional excavation equipment as an option for dramatic change.

Hydraulic Dredging Services

High-Volume Sediment Removal

Hydraulic dredges are ideal for moving large volumes of both organic and inorganic sediments. They create a liquid slurry of sediment and water, which is transferred to a disposal site via a floating pipeline.

Continuous Operation

Hydraulic dredges have nearly continuous operating cycles, enabling the removal of substantial material volumes in a short time while minimizing turbidity in the water column.


Hydraulic dredging is generally preferred for larger water bodies like lakes, rivers, and wetlands when dealing with significant sediment volumes and logistical advantages favor the use of a pipeline over truck transport.

Consideration for Water Replacement

In smaller waterbodies, we carefully assess the need for replacing the water and sediment slurry pumped during hydraulic dredging, ensuring minimal disruption.

Dewatering Solutions

Hydraulic dredging may require large disposal ponds for natural drying of the slurry or portable dewatering equipment to remove excess water from sediment, making it suitable for truck transportation to a disposal site.